Ohern – chap 4

Oherns body was exhausted.  The Exvocate was there with him.  His eyes had not opened in the last two days.  She put her hand on his chest to keep him from rising.  He could smell her, the herbs.  He felt her hand and cried.  He held it on his chest and as gently as he could he tried to put his whole body inside of it.

“I’m right here.”  He said and tried to rise again but his strength failed against her gentle restraint.  He spoke again and she understood the meaning though could not make out the words.  She was sitting next to him on a mat.  He would not let go of her hand and she did not pull to free it.

“Is he trying to help her Mama.”  Said a child bundled against the night cold in a worn blanket and his mother’s arms.

“No baby, he’s dreaming.” said the mother.  They were sitting some ten feet from Ohern in the light of a small fire with some others.  They had all come to the clearing south of Brighton for the healer, the Exvocate.  Some fifty were there now.  Some more came and went each day.

“Is the healer ok mama?”

“What do you mean baby?”

“He’s gonna help her.  Is she alright?”

“He’s dreaming baby.”

“He’s dreaming she’s hurt?”

“I don’t know baby, someone.”

“Dreaming like you about Daddy?”

“Yes baby, like me dreaming of Daddy.”  She looked at her sick child, her eyes suddenly shiny.  “I love you so much baby.”

“I love you too Moma.”  The two of them sat near the low fire surrounded by others less and more sick then they.  She wondered how she had lived in Brighton her whole life and could be surrounded right now, by strangers.

“He’s sick huh.”  The child asked.

“Yes baby, he’s sick.”  The mother put her hand on the child’s forehead and blew into his hair though her breath was warmer than the air around them.  She looked at the Exvocate, face hidden behind a cowel.  Her hands looked old and tired as they tied the knots and applied the ointments to the gashes in Oherns stomach.  She said nothing.  Not with gestures or movements.  Not with words.  They never said anything.

“Where’s his moma?”

“I don’t know baby.”

“Is he here all alone?”

“I think so baby.”  She wondered how many of those gathered for healing had nobody.

“Is he gonna be alright Mama?”

“I think so Baby.  The Exvocate is helping him.”

“She’s a healer isn’t she Moma”

“Yes baby she’s a healer.”

“She healed Daddy?”

“Thats right baby, she tried to heal daddy.  You remember that?”

“And she’s gonna heal me?”

“Yes baby she’s gonna heal you.”

“Don’t you touch her!”  Ohern shouted.  The child startled.


“It’s ok baby, he’s just dreaming.”

“What did he say Mama?”

“He’s dreaming baby.”

“He said don’t touch her.”

“Yes he did baby.”


“I don’t know baby.”

“Is he angry mama?”

“I don’t think so baby.”

The Exvocate rose from Ohern and moved on to an old man propped up on a rock just outside the fire light, and crouched over him.

“Look Mama.”  The mother looked at Ohern who had raised his right arm, stiff strong as a tree branch.  His fist tightened up lick a river rock.  He held it up and didn’t move it, and like a phantom over a dying man he held his own arm there, motionless.

“Don’t’ look baby.”

“What’s he doing?”

“I don’t know baby, close your eyes.”

“I’m scared moma.”

“I know baby, just close your eyes.”  The child turned into his mothers chest and held her, his fever as high as Oherns.

“Your gonna make it.”  He said to the darkness.  The mother turned to look at Ohern.  Later the child fell asleep, the mother after the child.

“I’m right here.”  He said again.  He had calmed.  In his fevered dreams Ohern went back to the way it was.

“I’m not going to leave you.”  He said but all around him were asleep or burried in their own, private miseries.


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  • hemp

    I know baby jealousy tends to set in around 3 months but perhaps we were all just too enamoured with him to notice behavioral issues spiraling downward. A new baby is still new enough not to be much of a threat but by the time hes six months old and obviously not leaving older sibs often start acting out. Many kids as you point out begin acting out when the baby is three months old. But of course these things are always confounded by developmental issues.

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