You are not in this story, though you should be.

“I have a mannerism.”


“A Mannerism, th at’s why I’m here.”

The man with the polite blue windbreaker shakes his head yes.


The man in the polite blue windbreaker now shakes his head no.  He turns to look at the receptionist, but she, coolly beyond giving aid, acknowledgement, anything, you, me, pain, all of it beneath her, does not see any of us and for that matter might as well not exist, and yet, inexplicably and unfairly she does, and it is a painful triumph over the rest of us.

A woman enters the office from that door.  All heads look up.  The man in the polite blue windbreaker who was moving deeper into nervousness stands, smiles genuinely, moves in one step toward the woman who has come from behind the door and kisses her on the cheek, hands her her lunch, an act that anesthetizes us all from hearing anything further spoken between them, or hearing it like movie theater talk, we enthralled now disdain and sublet his cast off anxiety from the room, take our turns with it each, until, like so many things, it is reduced, traded down for and against, lost in the friction of glances that puerile anemia of the heart, that grief, that stolen grief.  And stolen for what?  “And stolen for what?”

“I’m here for a mannerism too.” A smaller man who looks exactly like you think he does, says to me, I who only just exclaimed so openly about my own mannerism, confided and nothing short of hoped for an outcome of its communication, anything.  I a man stolen from.  He is looking at me as I turn to look though the glasses on his small sweat sticky face and I tell him, I say…

“Shut the fuck up.”

And the man who looks exactly like you think he does, does.


2 responses to “You are not in this story, though you should be.

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  • Tinderno

    Dear off shore GO FUCK YOURSELF!!
    There is nothing great about your jacket or your face for that matter. As far as 100 wind proof, what ever the fuck that means, I will be drinking 100 proof whisky and will be on a whisky drunk when i crash my car into your home and beat your children to death with your wifes body. Not only will I not note that ebay will try to sue me if I look at your jacket but I will not note the screams coming from your destryed mouth when I am anvil fucking it while still on that god blessed whisky drunk. Please drink all this in and then save me the trouble and the energy and do these things to your own and your self.

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