“I have to wait for a long time for my brother.” I say.  God nods.

“It’s like he is alive, living right now only I know it’s all over, he’s just waiting to sort.”

“That’s a good way to put it.” God says.  I nod.

“Any regrets?” I ask god.  He thinks a bit then,

“Poisonous frogs, I am not sure what I was trying to do there, and fire.  Well not all fire but the whole burning and fire thing, you know, for people.  Might of just had you guys explode in fire, less pain and just less icky dark behavior.”

“Yeah, being burned seemed a little over the top.  Even like hot pizza burns on the tongue.  Way excessive.  I think we all agree there.” I say.  God nods.

“And hell?”

“Yeah, ya know I am not sure where all that came from with you guys.  I mean I know how it got built into what it is thought to be but you guys really took to the idea.  No hell though, for real if that is what you are asking?”

“Yeah.  You sure?  No descriptive dishonesty there?” I say to him.

“Yeah, no, no hell.”



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