“An incubator?”


“That’s it?”


“So all that shit about love and Virtue and Honor and all that shit, all of it was horse shit?”

“I liked some of those ideas you guys came up with, but yeah, it’s the being born thing that I was looking for, after being born you can die and pretty much be able to start the next step up here.  It helps if you learn to speak and shit first but not necessary.  It’s a metamorphosis really, cuz your something before that you know.  You will be able to remember it when your further down the road, the time before life as you knew it.”

“I don’t accept that.  I don’t accept that everything we agonized over, living and being good, being married, that everything was just some bs we cooked up, that we didn’t need to do any of that?”

God shrugged.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Earth was your gig.  For you guys to do what you wan with, to make howrver you want.  I put an expiration date on you guys or you would have stayed there forever mostly.  It’s an incubator, non of it matters, it just feels that way cuz your still so close to it.”

“Everything I valued and thought beautiful was shit.”

“How so?”

“Your asking me?”

God nods yes.

“Cuz it was a joke, it was a fort built in the living room I had spent my whole life trying to make into something good then you come in, flip the lights on and take down the fort with a wink and say thanks for waiting, I didn’t mean to take so long getting home, now let’s build a fort.”

“That need for permanency is a good thing Justin.  That’s what I am trying to do here, but permanent can’t be people or ideas or places, all that is always changing.  That’s mostly the universe not me.”


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