“Ok, so why doesn’t knowing what is going on, knowing the Plan make things different for me.  I am still here, pissed, waiting, feeling dumb, lazy…”

“So you know how some cells divide right?  They get big then split?  So think of this, you cant split a person, there too big, you’d just kill ‘em.  So now you gotta split ‘em when they are very small.  Once they split, you have to make sure they grow into, well into god.  This takes along time.  Lots a steps.  Your first step is almost over.”

“My first step!  What the fuck!  I have lived a whole life!  The world, My world has been destroyed.  Everyone’s dead and waiting to sort into heaven and the first step isn’t over yet?  What the fuck have you gotten me into?”

“Yeah so patience is a virtue.”

“Oh my god.  I think I want to kill myself.” But we both laughed.

“So single cells, the ones that divide, never grow into something more complex.  They are just cells, they work with other cells sometimes but they themselves don’t turn into more complex things.”

“Relationships are complex.  Did you know cells pay tax?”

“Holy shit.”


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