“Technically, I did not do all of this.  It’s like a good picnic.  Pick a good spot, clear it out a bit, kill the ants, keep moving under the shade unless the tree is big enough, you
know.  A good pic nic only has a little to do with what’s in the basket.”

“So when did you take us out of the basket?”

“No, you guys were here, I just pushed things and pulled others, made some room for you, you know, chased away the bears and put up a citronella candle and the umbrella.”

“So there was life here when you got here?”

“No, I did that but things were very agreeable here even before that.”

“Water and shit, like the oceans.  Are you saying you were the thing that pulled the mud skipper out of the water?”

“Oh god no.  No water here.  Were talking size, density.  That gravity you had was not just what you are used to.  Life like this only happens naturally in very close sets of  numbers.  The earth was the right size, speed, distance, right balance in the neighborhood too.  Good blend of minerals and what have you.  Just cooled the surface a bit, kept coming back, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“That sounds like you made the earth to me.”

“No, you give me too much credit.  Realy good chance you guys would have come along eventually.  Really good chance.”

“No shit.” I ask and god nods.


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