“Mesoamerica because-“

“NO!  screw that, no one here speaks Spanish or Indian or whatever they were speaking before the conquistadors.  You have to stay inside the language barrier unless you are doing the whole killing spree thing.”

“I didn’t think about that.” He says.

“That pretty much limits time travel to America or England and like the middle ages at best.”

“No, words are like tools, most of what we want to say or know can be seen or expressed with motion and expressions.  Were just lazy communicators now.” my god nods at Journey.

“Go back scenario for what, power?”

“Yeah or whatever.”

“To do what?”


“Like teach the Indians how to kill all the Americans as soon as they see the boats?”

“Yeah, like that.”

“Or make America stretch down past the future location of the Panama canal.”

“Yeah, like that too.”

“Or not push her away, not hurt her.  Stay.”

Journey just looks at me.  He has started smoking again.

“Go back naked or can you take shit with you?” I say after a good long while.


“Yeah well that’s no fun at all.”

“How about spaceship time travel?”

“Not as easy or beneficial as you might think.”

“Yeah probably not when you think about fuel and ammo and batteries and shit.”

My god’s done washing the Pina Colada glasses and sits next to me on a beach chair.

“How bout you god, best people experience?”

“Ya got to figure, a lot of you guys were me, and technically all of you are going to be.  I look at it like flowers.  Together and separate they are great.  Dead ones, full bloom ones, ones missing leaves with some brown, it’s all just a moment of description, there is a most clear full bright symmetrical petal flower and there is a best stiff lost all leaves but still suckin water flower, ya know, but no best flower for me, they are flowers, they are all the same.  I have a best go back scenario though.” My god says.


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