…but I’ll remain afraid forever.

The bed is in ruins.  I watch television in my heart because the tv is black.  The tv is in every room.  The tv is at work.  The holes in my face remember when they found love, moved it inwards, trusted me with it, trusted me to keep it.  They found it all the time.  Now the holes look and look.

I knew a riddle like math.  It teased you empty as a wish, this cup, the heaven you left me.  They say nothing ever leaves but their wrong.  You left.  There is a liquor store, an arcade but all that the tree swing remembers now is children.  I look somewhere else.

I dream I am just holding a kite.  There is no storm, just wind, no scream, no people.  I remember the rain but it is not raining now, its just loud, its so loud but no one is speaking, there is no one there.  Is someone waking me up?

There is a door that is open in my car and I will go on forever feeling like this, Unable to shut it behind you, unable to keep it open, and then, someday, you’ll die,


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