In the begining

In the beginning it was crazy.  We were finding people every day.  It wasn’t methodical like you may think, slow hikes under a retrograde blood moon, all the ambiance of death.  Campfires in apocalyptica, nah, it was nothing like that.  We drank, we drank heavily and we drank often.

We found people as often as we’d loose em.  I remember thinking what a great business model it turned out to be, I mean the turnover, the deaths?  I had three different people pulled out of the back of the truck in one day, all of them, found just that week.  I know what you might think.  Why did you keep putting them in the back of the truck if you were just going to loose em but it wasn’t like that, they sucked.  I could do the back of the truck thing but someone who sucks in the back sucks worse behind the wheel.  One lady couldn’t keep from hitting every fucking little thing.  Unbelievable.

It was crazy.  Everyone wanted to help which meant everyone disagreed.  That shit got sorted quick though, the fights, the whole, your not the boss of me thing, yeah, it settled quick, I imagine all those fuckers died or acquired those who’d do what they said.  I shot a couple people myself.  You just don’t have time to argue at some point.  At some point when you say, “Get the fuck out of the car.  Get the fuck out from behind the wheel, Now!”  and they have that glassy look, that defiant, week, scared enough to kill you look, that look that inspires you to try to remember if you ever saw them with a gun, if you saw them pick one up.  Anyway, you don’t have time to say, hey, what’s wrong.  You kill them, pull them by their whatever, the fuck out of where ever, then move on.

I guess I am trying to say, you know, we never sat around and agreed on shit, there was no compact, no tribe.  It was just a horde of individuals.  Some people got along, some people followed others.  Its hard to argue when some says whatever idiot, then walks away.  Those guys, those arguers, yeah those fuckers are all dead.

There were days when it had that whole Serengeti feel, like we were all out hunting, not together or anything, we were just all out doing it and would run into each other.  The good ones, the good groups were the ones that could spare some fucker with high calibers to watch all the other “Hunters” while his crew owned.  Yeah, you don’t walk up on folks like that with a lot of complaints and needs.

A lot of doers made it, changed things.  Not a lot of room for bullshit, you know, when the law turns back into folks just making things happen.  Lots of people with intelligence and breeding died from holes being punched in or through em.  You just don’t have time for all that bullshit like I said.

It was like everyone just felt the yoke lift, you know, the moral responsibility just came off all of us, the guilt, what guilt?  It’s not that there weren’t people out there preying on other people but I think the instances of that are greatly inflated and per capita, lower then pre apocalypse levels.  I just can’t state enough, the utter lack of people telling other people what to do.  Hell, it went on like this for weeks.  Ya know, when a thing like this happens, all the bad asses, all the military types, the law enforcement, they don’t fucking melt in their shoes.  Inside of two months the beginnings of the first fiefs emerged.  You see, there was no electricity, not web, not cell coverage.  It’s was noc’s and hunting rifles, that was the edge of a newly flat world.  Some people, some people saw this coming a long way off or were just bat shit crazy and the universe took a digger and made the nut jobs prophets.  Well, nothing anyone did from before mattered much and certainly nothing they said did.

I found Masada probably about a year after it all started.  I say I found the place but I was brought there by slavers.  I suppose that’s the start of my story, the real story.  Before that I just wandered.  The people ran out quick, Masada, Masada was Eden then, a real fucking Eden in the desert.  But that was all it took I guess, just a few people to walk away at the same time, I mean shit, the whole country fell apart in days.  Sure it went through denial, some did, but the tide of this new humanity pushed and pushed and drowned those that did not take their shoes off and swim.  All in all, what was lost, really, in lives, legitimately, not from the bomb or the plague, just from dyin, not that much, it was those wheels we’ve been pushin since before our father were born.  One person stops pushin, a hundred try to take his place right, well a hundred stop pushin and the ones that jump up, not a hundred mind you, well they don’t know shit about keeping that wheel turnin and quick as fuck they realize that things have changed and why did the guy that stood here leave and why the fuck am I standing here instead sets in, Yeah, awfully hard to keep this show runnin without worlds of blind cooperation.


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