but we finaly did.

“No Jack, she bit me.”

“I warned you.  I told you twice, no three times, I said, Dude, do not treat her like a woman.  I said that.  And what did you say?  You asked me how we did it.”

“She took a bite Jack, like as in closed her mouth on my fucking arm and pulled away, chewed maybe, then swallowed.”


“Whatever?  She fucking annihilated my flesh man, she ate a portion of me.  Fuck!”

“What do you want me to do, leave her?”

“I want you to fucking kill her!”

“That’s fair.”

“That’s fucking the way it goes.”

“I am obviously not going to let you kill her.”

“Well then let me-“


“Man, what happened to you?”

“I am noting going down there and killing her.”

“If you came over to me one day and said my dog bit you and you showed me this, I would say, that’s it, I am killing that dog.”

“No you wouldn’t.”

“I know, I just realized that when I said it.”

“Dude, I am sorry about your arm, that sucks, its never gonna heal right, I know.”

“Its gonna be all burny looking, like that fake stretched burned skin looking stuff.”

“Like burned skin?”

“Yeah, smart ass, like burned skin.”

“You totally put yourself at risk, is she responsible for biting you?  Yes.  Could she have reached you if you had stayed where I said to, right by me?  No.  You know, there is an alarming lack of desire on your part to take responsibility for your actions.”

“I could say the same to you about her.”

“What do you want?  I mean, its my house, you’re here, in my kitchen, drinking my bear, drawing lines all over in the sand, my sand mind you, about my shit!  You’re lucky were friends.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, you pissed me off.  You’re like some fucking attack dog all concerned about her and what I’m gonna do or not do.  I’ll tell you, I am gonna do whatever I want with her, but I am not gonna kill her.”

“We used to be friends.”

“Yeah, used to?”

“You’re gonna keep her down there and what?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m gonna come over one day and you’ll be dead.  She’s gonna reach through that hatch when you’re putting her food down and its gonna be over for you.”

“She’s not like that to me.”

“How the fuck?”

“Listen, you’re not concerned for me.  You want her dead cuz she bit you?  I don’t think so either.  You wanted to play with her like some giant stuffed animal or toy or something, I just, how, where could you have decided she was fucking harmless?”

“I don’t think she’s harmless, I think she is dangerous as fuck.  I think she is so dangerous that we should go down there right now and kill her.”

“With what asshole, kitchen knives?”

“I have a gun.”

“You don’t have a gun.  You brother has a gun.  You are not going to steal your brother’s gun to kill someone?  Are you that fucking stupid?”

“I have a gun.”

“You don’t have a fucking gun.”

“You’d kill her though if I did?”

“I knew you didn’t have a gun!”

“But you’d kill her?”

“I am not going to kill her!”


“I’m going to hit you in your wound.”

“Open that door.  I want in there.”

“If you do not calm down asshole, you are going in there in pieces.”

“Yeah, were not friends anymore.”


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