You should go inside and get that off your shirt.

“Ok, so it’s a small person, what are you going to do?”

“Get away from him.” She is now standing between me and the small person.  The small person is about the size of a mini candy bar.

“That’s right, now pick him up and hold him to your chest and coo and get your face right down in his.  Yeah, show him the teeth when you smile.  Listen, if that little fucker had a gun that could kill everything this big, he would kill everything this big, you have no idea.  And if he was this big, as big as you and I, he would just walk away from you thinking you were a stupid ugly little girl.”

“That’s not true.” She asks me, and looks at the small person being held, spleen rupturingly tight against her training bra trapped rubbery pre-pubescent boob.  That’s where they always put em.  I can’t see that small face from here.  I assume there is a fluid on her shirt and a smell.  Maybe his guts came out his mouth, I don’t know.  She dropped him, or swatted him off of her, like holding a bug you don’t think will bite you then it bites you and getting it away from you fast is the answer now, not playing with a harmless well-meaning bug.  Anyway, it moves a little then doesn’t.

“It’s too big to step on.” I say.  She nods looking at its little naked but.


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