If I could think of you

and every hour by love or hate we built

retreat at least was this and less

and there inside each others worst and best

to see or not to see or could we care

But if it was me at least I destroyed

and if it was me at least I was true

to take, to break the heart of you

and if it was me then the rain

will love me now more than so

and find me in it even though

I cant beside the river know

any evil I did not make so

and if it was me than love me too

and love the hand that bleeds in you

and love the hand that breaks and needs you

even if we find the word

will or world

Ill say every thing will go

and you will know

though I break every bone in you

my love is true.

My last song is this at least

one true thing we did not need

one true word was not defeat

and you stayed were I could not dare

and now your there

and this will change but this is true


I cannot guess my dreams of death

your truth to turn and hurt me with

we always knew

we always knew

I will not go

you do not need

but give me peace if peace is best

if peace is foul then give me peace

and I will be the fire in you

you in me

and lock though in that I lock too

me and you

I need to walk away from me

I need to know you will not need

I need to stand in that one place

at least to have that small light there

that I know you cared

that you know I know you cared

that you know I know I was not there

Take what ever that had ever meant


well spent

and go go go

I do not want to know

and someday I will see you standing in that place

and you will catch the eye that will not go

and we will live and grow

and god will never know

because everything was this

but everything must go

and when you see me do not care

and when I see you everywhere

I will not care

that everything alive

was you and I


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