a kind of love


if when hours decline I lend

to some other import of my need,

beg white mercies from on high to bring

thoughts of thee and to my fate ill go

with one wish as this to thee

then walk without wisdom worlds below.

were I tuttored not by this dark hand

though hand the same as I if self owned were

beg the unlit reaches understand

knowing any entry enters thus

as offered omens own no trust

to be as sweet and carefull as I were.

great emnity may own at least as I

find no greater than this doubt secured

a proffered warmth where fire once was with words

though nothing moved but my dead heart and eye

to see no right in leaving this strange place

where beauty mires and worn dark wears a face

but knowing is no truth, fragile I must

uncouple from the course of this dark life

to live and own no lust, but this of her

where ever empty moving wishes were

extend the wound no shadow fills

and mark the pages in her sight

as feathers lifted in a softer light.

come to me for what I can’t pretend

illucidates a kind of trust

I will light a well within my hand

narrowed now in this not distant light

where wings will stay beating in the end.


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